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Game Development

Get immerse in our Games! We are among the first to venture in game development in Mauritius. Check our Facebook Page for more updates on what we are currently developing. Get in touch with us and  send us your feedback!


AR Magazine

Redefining Magazine – With the power of Augmented Reality, Immersion Plus makes 3D contents pop out of the magazine.  In this case we are using a Car Catalogue, and let the users interact with a 3D version of the Car model.  

3D Visualization

Imagine, We make it! Discover your ideas and creations like never before. With a fully customizable and tailormade 3D world at your disposal;  roam around, explore and navigate freely to discover your creations and ideas. See the demo made at Immersion Plus to feel the experience.

3D Visualization Immersion plus
3D Visualization Immersion plus

Architectural Design

Redefining Visualization – With the power of real-time 3D simulation, explore and experience your concepts without any rendering downtime. Be it a cinematic visual, a photo render or just freely roam in your scene.  See the demo made at Immersion Plus, including both interior and exterior.

Augmented Reality

See your contents coming to life with the power of AR. Augmented Reality allows you to experience 3D content layered in the real world. In simpler words, explore how the virtual world can meet our world. Let your device be the window towards new possibilities; see the demo made at Immersion Plus and feel the experience.

AR advert Immersion plus

AR T-Shirt

Re-imagine the T-shirt for the future – With the power of Augmented Reality, Immersion plus can bring any T-shirt design to life. Using our custom made augmented reality application, which is on Google Play Store , you can see the results. Contact us for more info on how you can get your T-shirt.

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