About Us

ImmersionPlus is a Mauritian base company. We are one of the pioneers in immersive technologies throughout the island. Our aim is to revolutionize the way we transmit information; Be it an idea or a concept, we want to bridge the gap between the original spark and the final result by shaping your creativity with the latest technology. As our name suggest, we specializes in immersive technology, being:

  • Real-time interactive 3D Visualization – Architecture, Residential and Property Development
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
  • Gaming and Entertainment – Once again being among the first in Mauritius to pave the way in this sector


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Our story

Our main objective is to make this new and fascinating side of technology at the disposal of everyone, proposing affordable, yet never compromising on quality, services. We are among the first company in Mauritius to propose such services and catering for absolutely everyone. We want to fuel the wave of change and help Mauritius get to the next level. We plan to grow and slowly expand our reach, bringing this immersion to other fields and sectors.