Action cover shooter style with a major twist. Use your skills and abilities to clear your way through each level and slowly unravel the purpose behind all this mayhem.

Fast pace Action!

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Cover, Dodge and Shoot

Use the environment to your advantage by shielding against enemies and bullets. Move or hold your position smartly.

Relentless Enemies

You'll be chased by a horde of enemies with only one goal - Take you down! Advance with caution and the use of lethal force is highly advised.

Abilities Boost

Boost up your skills with Abilities that you unlocked throughout levels and choose them wisely as each great power comes with a certain cost.

Story Driven

Not just mindless shooting! Accompany the player in his quest for revenge and slowly unravel the reason behind all the chaos.

Screen Shots!

A badass woman lead to save the day!

What people say ?

Although Project Boost is still under development, it has already attracted a lot of attention from Youtubers, newspapers and our beloved gamers. Below are some reviews that we got from people trying out the free demo.

What people write ?

Le Weekend Newspaper

On Saturday, 23th of September 2020, Project Boost was featured in the Mauritian newspaper as a 100% homemade game and depicts how the young developers struggled to bring the gaming industry into the island. The article also covers the main mechanics of the game and shed some lights on what should the players expects through this unique gameplay.

Le Defi Quotidien Newspaper

The local Mauritian newspaper was the first to bring Project Boost in the tabloids as they quickly catched up the potential of this inititative. By introducing us to the Mauritian community, these two articles aims to put a name of the faces behind the development of this game.

GamesKeys October 2020 Shortlist

Project Boost has made it to the exclusive shortlist of , whereby the game is ranked as one of the most anticipated games for this month. Out of a 1000 games, Project Boost stood out of the lot by excelling in terms of in game play, graphics & story line.

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Yvan Hans Pidial


Young creative indie game developer trying to leave his mark in the gaming industry.

Keshav Seechurn


A master of 3D modelling and an experienced 3D animator who is always up for a game jam!

Vinayak Khusul


Passionate indie game dev with some crazy friends, having embarked on this journey


Simone Cilio


An award-winning film composer based in Sicily, Italy. Let the Music Speak!

Máté Moldován

SOUND designer & Audio Implementer

I believe that an enthusiastic and supportive team can reach any heights one can imagine.